Nachhaltiger Gastronomie-Pavillon
mit innovativen Details

doppelter genuss

A gastronomy pavilion directly on the Danube bank in Vienna, which is not only sustainable but innovative as well. Instead of the ageing, former Copa Cagrana building, today a new two-storey building is built in efficient light wood construction.

Architect | gerner°gerner plus     Photographer | Roland Wimmer

Sophisticated design

The Copa Cagrana offers its guests a sophisticated, open terrace, designed to prevent large flood water damages.

Minimalism in a nutshell

The window front opens not only a beautiful view overlooking the Danube, but thanks to the frameless look fits ideally with the simple architectural concept.

Design and functionality combined

Further advantages of the window units are the highest insulation value of the FixFrame, which facilitate year-round operation in both summer and winter.
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