Wenn Freiheit in ihrer
schönsten Form erlebbar wird

zu gast mitten in der natur

A retreat in harmony with nature - that is what Hofgut Hafnerleiten aspires for. To really be close to nature, the builders have opted for the frameless all-glass system. 


Architect | FORMAT ELF Architekten     Fotographer | Sabine Bungert

Design with perspective

A successful mixture of the modern and nature, combined with wonderful views and a sense of freedom.
A place to leave your cares behind, a place to unwind - feeling of being at home, this is what Hofgut Hafnerleiten stands for.

Limitless sense of well-being

The perfectly shaped surrounding conveys a certain sense of calm and down-to-earthness to the interiors.


Close to nature Stylish. Aesthetic. This is how to retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life and where the guests can reflect on things that would really make them feel at home.

Arriving and feeling at home

Natural shades and wood are the defining elements and crown the sense of well-being.

Built-in products
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