Zu Gast
in der lebenswertesten Stadt


BWM architects built the new modern extension to the Hotel Caroline near the new Vienna Central Railway Station.


Architect | BWM Architekten    Photographer | Erwin Wimmer

The old reinterpreted

The distinctive, red-brown brick façade is a modern reinterpretation of a façade that was typical of this area in the past.

Always keeping an eye on the aesthetics

Thanks to large glass surfaces a breathtaking view overlooking the city of Vienna is created with all its facets.

Pure, charming and reduced

The flush-fitting window nestles unconditionally in the minimalistic bathroom.
The floor-to-ceiling, French window of Wood/Alu Platin series are frame flush-fitting inside and outside and fit perfectly in the concept of the visual and functional purism.
BWM architects
The Hotel Caroline was planned with refined simplicity. The klinker brick façade in combination with the large-sized windows becomes an eye catcher.

Built-in products
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