Wenn Innen und Außen
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Large glass elements ensure maximum transparency in all directions and allow for the terraces and interiors to merge into each other.


Architect | Ing. Walter Engl      Photographer | Roland Wimmer

Sun shade as design element

The sun shade is even more important for large glass surfaces - it ensures high living quality at home without requiring artificial lighting or air conditioning.
Minimalism in a nutshell: The flush-fitting interior doors combine functionality with simple beauty and prove that the white is more than just a colour.

Generous in a new dimension.

The generous FixFrame Platin System with lift-and-slide doors create a breathtaking sense of space that convey transparency and airiness.

Play between bright and dark

The dark surfaces or the FixFrame Platin lift-and-slide doors sets contrasts and brightens the light furnishings even more.

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