When individuality and
come together

flowing forms

This avant-garde building nestles against the surrounding nature and gets its extraordinary shape. Even the window elements fit this design and turn the house into a harmonious whole.


Architect | Gräßel Architekten    Photographer | Peters Fotodesign

Factory look

Concrete walls give the building a laid-back industrial charm. This concept becomes homely in combination with warm wood surfaces.
Minimalistic furnishings and flush-fitting doors direct the focus on the extraordinary window units.

Exciting contrasts

The Platin windows bring the nature into the living space and thus create interesting contrasts with the cool architectural concept.
Industrial design lives from contrasts: Warm wood accents and dark window surfaces create a harmonious living atmosphere.

Minimalistic functionalism

Functional, simple and yet an eye-catcher - the Plain windows ideally harmonise with the minimalistic architectural concept.

Built-in products
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