Wenn zeitlose Moderne ein
warmes Wohngefühl vermittelt


Warm colours, brightness and light play the major role in this cubic building. Generous Fixed unit elements and lift-and-slide doors in combination with earthly shades create both a feeling of comfort as well as a feeling of freedom.


Architekt | Hertl Architekten    Photographer  | Erich Sinzinger

Stylish fixed glazing

Large Fixed unit elements allow the cubic building to breath and create architectural design statements.
A timeless and warm living style with local natural materials such as stone and wood. Warm colours such as beige and brown reflect the colours of the body, the soul and the spirit.
Helene Deisenhammer | Interior Expert
This house conveys cosiness and timeless modernity and holiday flair all in one - pure living comfort guaranteed.

favourite spot

Frameless Fixed units ensure maximum transparency in the interior spaces and join the living space with nature.
The popular entrance door model Well.Come Nevos Alu is equipped with resistant Alu shell on the outside and solid wood on the inside - matching the warmth and modern architectural concept.
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