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When the raw material wood finds its home


When timeless modernity creates a
warm living comfort


It had to be open but not completely transparent. This is how the Lesehaus was built, which got its name from a bookcase which extends up to the roof and at the same time functions as a wall.


Architect | LP Architektur       Photographer  Albrecht Schnabel

Wood as far as the eye can see

Built from a cross-laminated timber and with a façade from rough sawn spruce panels, the Lesehaus fits harmoniously in the surroundings of the high plateau in Pongau.

Closeness to nature

The developer put special emphasis on the environmental aspect - to build with the resource-saving and energy efficient products from Josko.

Perfectly content

Creating a retreat which is close to nature and reduced to the essentials - this is what the developer wished for.

The very personal space joins from the inside with the surroundings through views that could suggest a hermitage in the mountains while you are in fact in a country housing estate.
Jury comment -"The best house" by the developer Eva-Maria | Initiative Architecture Salzburg

The windows of the Platin series come in different sizes and irregularly arranged. This way they showcase selected views of the outdoors.