Wenn aus Europapaletten
ein Kunstobjekt wird


The award-winning art-residential project of the architect duo Gregor Pils and Claus Schnetzer demonstrates the fact that pallets can be of universal use. 


Architect | DI Gregor Pils & DI Andreas Claus Schnetzer – Fryraum    Photographer | Daniel Auer Photography

No need to renounce

Despite simple materials in matters of design, insulation, energy savings and sustainability, the highest building standards have been achieved.
Our approach is to leave out whatever is superfluous The Josko FixFrame system is also reduced to the essentials and is thus perfectly suitable for our project.
Architects Claus Schnetzer and Gregor Pils | Vienna

Sustainability and environment in focus

The choice of windows played a significant role and had to fit the resource-saving concept of the architects.

Choosing the right products

800 European pallets in combination with Josko products were used for the project.
What was convincing at the end was the quality of Josko windows and their regional production.
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