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Her daily perspectives were the mountain panoramas, where others make holidays. But only now, after ski star Lizz Görgl has swung down towards the goal of her career, is the view perfect. We visited the two aesthetes of the living at home and were astonished how with much creativity a dream house is created all without a dream house.


Photographer | Sabine Bungert

Living like LIZZ

In a quiet alley at the edge of the forest the GPS says, “You have arrived at your destination”, precisely in front of a new house, where the stylish façade made of white plates and the elegant black windows inspire you just when you come in. Here Lizz Görgl and her partner Chris Harras have created their own place to live.

Wow-Factor guaranteed

Barely in the anteroom and there comes the wow-effect: This house is a true place of longing. A harmonious composition from forms and colours. A smarter Mix between puristic architecture and soulful ambiance.

Impressive and yet peaceful

From your new home you can look over Vienna, just like a picture frame: With lots of green in the foreground and the megapolis on the horizon. Beautiful like Photoshop, but real. The panoramic view makes you peaceful inside.
Because we knew exactly what we wanted! Windows, doors, sliding doors make the great part of the character of a house. They create transitions and connections to the surroundings. All around us is nature, why should we block it out.
Chris Harras & Lizz Görgl | Moedling
Lizz and Chris have achieved the opposite. Thanks to this general glass architecture the beautiful comes from the outside into your home. The special impression of this house is created above all by what is invisible, through the breathtaking discreteness of the windows and all-glass system elements.


Lizz and Chris have also opted for Venetian blinds from Josko for views and sun shade, because stylistically they perfectly match the windows and glass elements.

Head or gut decision?

The panoramic view is only one aspect of the existing Story of how the dream house was created - namely not out of a long-cherished dream house. Basically, they had been very happy in their 90 sqm apartment in the south of Vienna. Except for a missing room and except for the local rent. Perhaps you would rather just buy something? From now on it would be difficult to leave everything to chance ...
You can save on lots oft things when building, it is worth it to invest in genuine quality when it comes to windows, fix glazing and sliding doors. We opted for a combination of both Josko systems “FixFrame” and “ONE”, because aesthetics and light quality are important for us in this area - and there is no other choice.
Three years ago they were biking through the Wienerwald. And they arrive - by chance? - they pass by this place on earth, where now their house is built. There was already another one with a huge plot of land and - by chance? - also the gentleman who owns both of them. Someone who had given many winner's interviews, cheekily asks: “You are not selling your house or plot of land by change?” “Um, no, unfortunately, I am renovating and renting them to two families.” They chatted and got along well. That was it. Initially. Until Chris saw the owner of the property with perfect view months later again on the street. “Are you still interested?” “Of course”.


The deal, which has meanwhile also become a good neighbour and friendship, was of advantage to everyone. A smart lease agreement for a property share with 1500 sqm. The owner no longer had to take care of the whole property - Lizz and Chris thus acquired a construction site, the purchase of which in this location would have been a challenge even for the best-off.

Modular design

Therefore, it quickly became clear: building here should be so sustainable that the green meadows can be restored to original conditions. The solution: Modular design. Seven cubic construction elements form light-flooded 180 sqm living dream on two levels.
I love architecture and that is why development of our house with the specialists from Robin Modulbau was so much fun. They expanded the assembly hall just for this purpose, because the modules are already pre-fabricated and delivered ready for use together with installations.
Lizz Görgl | Mödling

Internalising your home

Now it is the time to come to this magical place. Lizz has furnished the new home very tastefully piece by piece. The couch, the dining table, the kitchen fronts, the leather of the chairs, the bathroom features.
We love beautiful things. We place great value on genuine quality. But we were not ready to spend money just for brand names. We found out exactly what was best for everything. This is not always automatically the most expensive.
Chris Harras & Lizz Görgl | Moedling
Typical Lizz Görgl: She has always displayed a mix of down-to-earthiness and foresight - and the sun throughout the day, just like in your new dream house.

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