Natur als
Teil des Wohnambientes

der neue landhausstil

Living dream and retreat for the whole family - result of extensive renovation and upgrading of a house from the 80s. To bring the lake to your home, that is what the developer Christa Wagner aimed for. This was achieved by equipping the entrance door with a huge panoramic window which opens up the view to the lake.


Architect | Christa Wagner, Grad. Eng. Herbert Wallner sen.         Photographer | Sabine Bungert

Home and nature merging

The Plain Blue all-glass system from Josko extends over two residential levels and creates a harmonious transition between the nature and the building.
The new country house is individual and contemporary. The colour scheme is earthy and natural and fulfils the wish for comfort and warmth.

Coherent combination

The design concept combines the northern simplicity with alpine flair. Bright, warm wood shades create a cosy living ambiance.

Flush-fitting in its perfection

The Platin windows fit perfectly in the simple architecture and are flush-fitting outside and inside.
When I discovered this house my first question was: How do I bring the lake, how do I bring nature into my house?
Christa Wagner

Two in one

Thanks to flush-fitting look the Platin series is not only especially elegant, but also easy to clean.
Interior doors as interior highlight: The knotty, heavily grained wood surfaces in genuine wood veneer for the doors emphasis the simple-elegant, natural character of the furnishing concept.

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