Terms of use

Josko provides picture material only for authorised partners and agencies. Through providing pictures no right is transmitted, it stays exclusively at Josko. The user is allowed to use our pictures for promotional actions, for sketches, printing,  media, layout and presentation purposes. Josko has the right to prohibit the usage of pictures in single cases.

Passing on pictures to unauthorisied parties, duplicating images and also editing are not allowed without written agreement in advance. This also includes passing on links that refer to our pictures.

Exclusive rights and retention periods need to be agreed about particularly. The user needs to respect journalistic guidelines of Austrian press code or comparable journalistic due diligence obligations.

Following actions need Josko's permission:

  • mass reproduction of picture material
  • storage of picture files in online databases or electronic archives that are accessable through third parties
  • passing on pictures files on data carriers to unauthorised third parties

In case of quitting the business relationship between Josko and the user, all the digital picture have to be deleted from all electronic archives and databases. 2015 josko.com, all rights reserved. All pictures that are published on josko.com are protected by copyright. Every unauthorised usage, reproduction or distribution poses an infringement of copyright (Urheberrechtsgesetz).

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