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Why Josko?

Our home is the most important place in our lives. 
Nowhere else is our personality reflected so beautifully. Nowhere else are we as free as when we are here. Free in what we do. Free in what we decide. Here is where we want to come to. To be human. To be ourselves.

Nowhere else in the world deserves more attention as our home. We are convinced of this at Josko and at the same time consider windows and doors as the most important components of a home full of quality of life. We do all we can to make this freedom of the beautiful living possible for you. That's why we produce exclusively custom made to order, because your home should be as individual and unique as you yourself.

1. Because we have countless options and yet they all fit together.

Nowhere else can you select from a wide range of design options such as materials, surfaces, configurations, opening varieties as well as accessories and all this simply matching down to every detail visually and technically. At the same time you can save money intelligently without having to make compromises. How does it work? We call this the Smart Mix Philosophy.


2. Because we guarantee you satisfaction and enthusiasm - in the consulting, installation and in service.

We are more than just a typical manufacturer of windows & doors. We also support you with various tailored services - before and after the purchase. We are experts in our filed. We advise you in the planning and also support in the coordination with other works.

And because our premium products deserve only the best, we guarantee you an installation by certified partners with whom you sure to be fully satisfied. An advance payment guarantee, an initial service and, upon request, regular maintenance service incl. expanded product guarantee complete our service offer.

We call it the joskomplett. This security is quite Josko.

3. Because we are the one in control everywhere.

We design and develop ourselves. We produce and deliver ourselves. We sell and market ourselves. We assemble and service ourselves. Why? Because we are convinced that this is the only way to create unique solutions and that we can provide you with the quality you expect from us and which your home deserves.

With us you purchase directly at the source, so to speak "direct from the farm". This way you can invest your budget in quality and design instead of surcharges from lots of middlemen. You know where such essential elements of your home come from and can discuss with us directly when it comes to contract, warranty and long-term service instead of dealing with middlemen.

4. Because your home gets that wow effect from our ambition.

We are our own toughest critic. We want to make the good even better and the beautiful even more beautiful. Always simpler, slimmer and more discreet. We set very high standards for ourselves and our ambition constantly pushes us ahead. And we really mean that.

It is no wonder that we set trends in our industry that are copied by so many. But one thing is for sure: nothing is as good as the original. We work rigorously and with passion. As if your windows and doors were meant for our own homes.

5. Because we know what we're doing. And we do it in sustainable manner.

Our know-how has been growing for over 60 years - just like a tree. We are market leaders in wood/aluminium windows in Austria and Germany. Founded as a joinery, wood is a material that is particularly close to our hearts and that is why we treat it with the greatest care.

This starts already with the selection of the right wood. We use exclusively wood from sustainable forestry -  primarily from Austrian and our neighbouring countries.

At Josko, industrial precision meets passion for craftsmanship. Numerous factory visitors have been able to convince themselves of this impressive interaction. Ultimately, we create such beautiful and high-quality windows and doors that ensure living quality and comfortable living for decades to come.

6. Because we really mean what we say.

We have always enjoyed being different, special and unique. We Innviertler have rough edges and enjoy displaying our profile. We assume social responsibility and this goes without saying for us. We are genuine, grounded and firmly rooted and have always grown steadily and organically thanks to our own efforts through sensible management with common sense. In the meantime, we have matured into an industrial operation with over 1,000 employees.

But one thing remains the same: We are independent and owner-managed. Team spirit is in our blood. We are a family business.

“We create joy and values for your unique home.”

Your #TeamJosko