Sun shade

Nice, when light and shadows dance back and forth

Anything except ordinary

Josko Sonnenschutz
Josko Sonnenschutz

All components are visually coordinated

Josko Fensterfront Sonneschutz
Josko Fensterfront Sonneschutz

Infinitely adjustable for efficient shading with every incidence of light

Josko Glaseck Sonnenschutz
Josko Glaseck Sonnenschutz

Developed for large glass surfaces

Josko Sonnenschutz Fensterfront
Josko Sonnenschutz Fensterfront

Elegant corner solutions

Sonnenschutz Josko
Sonnenschutz Josko

Flush, discreet guide rail

Josko Glaseck Sonnenschutz
Josko Glaseck Sonnenschutz

Elegant finish with the façade

Josko Fensterläden
Josko Fensterläden

Timelessly beautiful window shutters

Good to know ...

Josko external Venetian blinds make it easy!

The Easy Venetian Blind from Josko is equipped with infinitely adjustable slats and ensures efficient shading regardless of the incidence of light - up to 16 m² in one piece. Only a few providers can do that.

Flush guide rail

Probably the most elegant way to make necessary technology disappear. Depending on the type of façade, this type of guide rail is plastered or clad and is barely noticeable.

Smart Home ready

Our electrically operated external Venetian blinds and roller shutters can be controlled with different Smart Home standards.

Customer supplied brick box

Most of our customers ask for boxes that can be plastered. If your builder prefers a customer supplied box, Josko also offers you this variant. The slats and shields are only attached afterwards. Your local partner will be happy to explain all other advantages to you.

We have thought of everything

The holistic development of our systems enables the optimal integration of insect screens between windows and sun shade.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds

Josko external Venetian blinds have a fascinating way of increasing the quality of life. They ideally combine the functions of glare protection and heat protection in one high-quality product. A completely closed external Venetian blind shields you from unwanted views in and out and thus safeguards your privacy as you wish.

Manufactured with special care, they comply with European standards and meet the highest demands on design, function and service life. They create a feel-good atmosphere and help save energy.

Easy external Venetian blind

Infinitely variable

Open, half-open or closed. The infinitely variable control enables the lighting ambience that suits you.

View despite shading

A major advantage of external Venetian blinds is the possibility of a half-open or inclined slat position, which provides privacy and sun shade, but with which a certain view and incidence of light is still preserved.

Suitable for large glass surfaces

We usually use Venetian blinds for large glazing. Despite protection over the full height of the room, the space-saving slats can be efficiently hidden in the box.


Design slats D75 for high levels of darkening with an elegant design

Sie ist eine Alleskönnerin – ihre Eigenschaften sind denen der Z-Lamelle sehr ähnlich. Auf - grund ihrer S-Form wirkt sie allerdings weicher und eleganter und passt gut zu dir, wenn dir behagliches Wohnen wichtig ist.

Z-shaped slat Z90 for strong darkening

Sie vereint viele Eigenschaften – ihre geradlinige Optik bietet sehr gute Windstabilität und verbes - sert die Abdunklung im geschlossenen Zustand. Im geöffnetem und halbgeöffnetem Zustand lässt sich der Lichteinfall sehr gut steuern – für Wohnraum und Schlafzimmer bis hin zum Arbeitszimmer die ideale Lamellenform.

Space-saving flat slats F80 for large areas

Sie ist das Einstiegsmodell, fällt relativ schlank aus und kehrt wieder in ihre Ausgangsform zurück, sollte sie auch mal von einem Spielball getroffen werden.

Standard slat S80

Sie spart aufgerollt 20 %* Bauraum, gewährleistet 38 %* bessere Sicht, wenn die SonnenschutzLamellen aufgestellt sind und eine bessere Abdunklung, wenn sie geschlossen sind.

*im Vergleich zum Vorgängermodell

More options

roller shutters

Dark or light, warm or cool. Josko roller shutters keep the heat where it belongs. Outside in summer and inside in winter. They help to save energy, function and maintain without problems, are attractive in terms of price and provide the window with valuable weather protection. The new roller shutter systems are decorative, elegant and extremely functional - available in many colours.

folding shutters

A house with folding shutters has a very special charm and brings with it a Mediterranean or classic style. Josko folding shutters offer good sun shade and steadfastly defy wind and weather.

Control options

At Josko you basically have the and choice betweenelectrically and manually controlled sun shade solutions.
Products equipped with electric motors (almost always the case with external Venetian blinds) can be operated in the following 3 ways:

  • remote control
  • Button in the wall
  • Smart Home (open to all common standards)

In the case of a manual drive (often the case with roller shutters) you can choose between

  • Belt or cord (either wall-inlet or as a swivel winder)
  • Crank
Particularly convenient in the Smart Home

Smart Home with Somfy io makes your home intelligent and your life safer and more comfortable. The motor system allows you to operate your Josko sun shade system either automatically at certain times or via smartphone, tablet or PC - not only from home, but also when you are out and about.

Another advantage of Somfy io is that it can also be easily integrated into your home at a later date, as it does not need to be wired to function. The expansion from the first installed device is possible at any time.

Coordinated accessories

Josko Insektenschutzgitter

Coordinated accessories

Although we already offer an exceptionally wide range of products, your dream home sometimes still needs additional accessories such as

  • insect screen
  • Window sills for inside and outside
  • Comfort ventilation
  • Glass ballustrade
  • and much more.

Your contact person at Josko will also be happy to help you, so that you can get everything to do with windows and doors down to the last detail from a single source.

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