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Sun shade

Nice, when light and shadows dance back and forth

Anything except ordinary

wind-resistant up to over 100 km/h

special light accents

Continuously adjustable view with heat protection effect

Josko glass corner sun shade
Josko glass corner sun shade

Developed for large glass surfaces

Josko sun shade window front
Josko sun shade window front

Elegant corner solutions

optimal glare protection

Josko sun shade
Josko sun shade

All components are visually coordinated

Flush, discreet guide rail

Elegant finish with the façade

Everything fits together

We develop and produce our  sun shades ourselves, which offers the essential difference that they are tailored to our windows, sliding doors and all-glass systems – in terms of technology, look and in the same colour shades. Sun and privacy protection is not only functional, but also an aesthetic and overall intelligent solution.
With Venetian blinds, textile screens, roller shutters and folding shutters for the outdoors and internal Venetian blinds for the interiors we offer you an optimal solution for every application.

Intelligently protected

Josko sun shade bathroom

Intelligently protected

As window surfaces become larger, sun and insect protection becomes more important. Our elegant sun and privacy protection solutions provide plenty of shade during the day and ensure even temperatures inside your house while the sun blazes outside.
In the eventing they keep away prying glances, protect against weathering and help you save on energy.

For every requirement
the ideal solution

Roller shutters

Venetian blind

Vertical awning

Type of mesh 10%

Vertical awning

Type of mesh 5%

Vertical awning

Type of mesh 1%

Vertical awning

Type of mesh 0%

Sun shade (heat protection) ++++ ++++ + ++ +++ ++++
Viewoutwards ++++ +++ ++ +
Darkening inwards ++++ ++ + ++ +++ ++++
Visibility protection at nightinwards ++++ +++ ++++
Wind resistance ++++ ++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++
Element size (maximal) + +++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++
Box dimension (space-saving) ++ ++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++
Bestseller Bestseller

Coordinated accessories

Josko insect screen

Coordinated accessories

Although we already offer an exceptionally wide range of products, your dream home sometimes still needs additional accessories such as

  • Insect screen
  • window sill for inner and outer
  • Comfort ventilation
  • Glass balustrades
  • and much more

Your contact person at Josko will also be glad to help you, so that you receive everything to do with windows doors to the last detail from a single source.

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