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Josko is one of the leading European companies in the windows and doors markets. In Austria we are already the market leader for wood/aluminium windows and in a strong second place in the overall windows and doors market. Josko is a premium brand that stands for design and innovative, valuable products such as windows, front doors, interior doors and all-glass systems.

Of course we're happy to be a leading brand in Austria but that's not enough for us. Our goal is to also become a popular brand in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg in Germany. Josko has set high goals for the future. We'd like you to grow with us and apply to be an exclusive Josko local sales partner.

business model

We are looking for: SALES PARTNERS and SALES STAFF
As an independent Josko partner you're not only your own boss, you can also reap the benefits from a proven business model. You will be the sole ambassador and contact person for a strong brand in a defined territory and you can count on fairness and support from the experience of our long-established network of partners

As a Josko partner you can focus on your strengths - SALES. You will receive our full support in terms of advertising, product and sales training and service. Not for franchise fees but like true partnership should be like. A partnership that has already been proven 130 times.

Smart Mix

However, Josko doesn't produce simple conventional windows, front and interior doors or all-glass systems. We match all our product families visually and technically.

Outside all windows have the same flush look. Only the materials and system thicknesses differ. Cost optimisation combined with strong architectural design. Growing customer demands can be met easily and you can address the individual needs of your customers. Take a look at our huge variety of colors and surfaces that are also available for several products categories to ensure a harmonious appearance.

A fair partner that
enthusiasts and inspires

And we are not the only ones that consider Josko a European trendsetter and a brand that inspires customers and the entire industry. Many others say the same. For instance, prestigious jury members who award the annual design, innovation and entrepreneurial prizes. These include the Red Dot Design Award, Staatspreis Design and EnergieGenie and the Pegasus economic prize and others. These awards are mainly in the product area but we have also received several awards in the areas of human resources and employees. Josko is not just a manufacturer of windows and doors. As a company, Josko is committed to social and environmental values and offers its employees and sales partners outstanding quality of life – secure, appreciative, innovative.

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Our valuable, unique products are demanded all over the world. Now it's up to you to become part of our vision. If you are interested in becoming a sales or installation partner, please get in touch with our sales department:

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+43 7763 2241 - 1261

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