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Apartment entrance and security doors

The Josko Securance doors - modern flush or classically rebated

The Securance security doors

The Securance security doors

Interior doors ensure privacy in the living room. Sometimes, however, simple privacy is not enough - in certain parts of the house you want to be able to rely on a particularly high level of security. As 

  • Apartment entrance door,
  • Hotel room door, 
  • Transition to garage,
  • Transition to the attic or
  • as a transition to the basement area


Securance security doors form a strong front against hazards such as fire and intruders as well as against inconveniences such as noise or cold. With its Securance security doors, Josko offers many beautiful options for staying true to your modern taste. Visually, the doors fit seamlessly into the overall concept of your home, because their design and technology can be matched to interior doors, entrance doors, windows and floors.

Advantages of the Securance security doors

  • 68 mm thick door leaf for stability and break-through resistance
  • Burglar resistance RC2 and RC3: Triple locking and 6 locking points on the hinge side
  • Fire resistance Ei230
  • Climate category c
  • 43 dB sound insulated
  • Thermal insulation approx. 1.0 W/m²K
  • Genuine wood edge with patented folding edge
  • Fire protection laminate concealed under folding edge
  • High design standards as with interior doors
  • Frame system variety: rebated (VET) and flush (BET) design possible
  • Model variety: Smooth doors, inlays, strips, RAL finished milled doors
  • Security fittings and security cylinders
  • Visible and integrated door closers
  • floor-door seal
  • Rim lock with external cylinder
  • Spy hole with or without a nameplate
  • Motor lock with control

2 designs for your security

Flush-fitting security door

MODERN DOOR LEAF The door leaf and frame are flush, visible hinges (for security level up to RC3) also ensure a modern look.

Details matter

VX-120 stainless steel hinges with hinge protection (closed)

VX-120 stainless steel hinges with hinge protection (open)

2552 SK3 stainless steel handle

motor lock

Safety strike plate

Safety lock

Inside Spy hole
Rebated fitting security door

The classic style impresses with its timeless design and unobtrusive beauty.
The frame system is classically rebated,
inlays and strips provide the final
creative touch.

Details matter

Exclusive (WK3 3-part hinges ) with hinge protection (closed)

Exclusive (WK3 3-part hinges ) with hinge protection (open)

Sealing strip for double rebate

Security fittings

Spy hole outside with sign

rim lock

Rim lock open

Outer cylinder and outer rosette for Rim lock

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