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Easy Venetian blind

The intelligent sun shade

Anything except ordinary

[Translate to Englisch:] Josko Glaseck Sonnenschutz
[Translate to Englisch:] Josko Glaseck Sonnenschutz

Developed for large glass surfaces

[Translate to Englisch:] Josko Sonnenschutz Fensterfront
[Translate to Englisch:] Josko Sonnenschutz Fensterfront

Elegant corner solutions

[Translate to Englisch:] Josko Sonnenschutz
[Translate to Englisch:] Josko Sonnenschutz

All components are visually coordinated

Continuously adjustable view with heat protection effect

Flush, discreet guide rail

[Translate to Englisch:] Josko Glaseck Sonnenschutz
[Translate to Englisch:] Josko Glaseck Sonnenschutz

Elegant finish with the façade

Details matter


Up to 16 m² in one piece, quickly and easily installed, our Easy Venetian blind also offers corner solutions - only a few providers are able to do this.

Quick and easy installation

We can install the Venetian blind boxes on the window in the factory upon request, this way you save on valuable installation time on your construction site.

Design-rich details

The hinges of our Venetian blinds are now available in elegant, simple black.

Continuously adjustable

Open, half-open or closed. The infinitely variable control of the slats enables the lighting ambience that suits you.

Overall system

The holistic development of our systems enables the integration of insect screens between windows and sun shade.

Fully plastered guide rail

Probably the most elegant way to make necessary technology disappear. Available as matching with the windows tone-on-tone.

Smart Home ready

Our electrically operated external Venetian blinds can be controlled with different Smart Home standards.

Easy Venetian blind Wall

If your builder prefers customer supplied boxes, we would also be glad to offer you Easy Venetian blind. The slats and shields are only attached afterwards. Your local partner will be happy to explain all other advantages to you.

Venetian blind slats

Venetian blind slats

Continuously adjustable, the slats create a fascinating light and sun incidence.

Maximum use of daylight and good glare protection ensures optimal working conditions in the office and a high living quality at home.

Did you know that our slats are available in a wide range of colours and that they can match the colours of your  windows tone-on-tone? 

Tip: Bright slat colours  reflect the sunlight and  thus prevent even more the  overheating of the interiors.


Design slat D75

Elegant, fantastic light protection

Their characteristics are very similar to the Z-slats. The S-shape makes them elegant and supple. Which suits you well when cosy living is important to you.

  • Wind-resistant and durable 
  • Ideal sun, privacy, heat protection
  • Optimal darkening when closed 
  • Extremely low-noise even in the windy weather  thanks to the plastic lip

Z-slat Z90

For everyday special applications

The Z-shape offers good wind-resistance and improves the darkening. You can control the incidence of light well when opened. Ideal for living, sleeping and work rooms.

  • Wind-resistant and durable 
  • Ideal sun, privacy, heat protection 
  • Optimal darkening when closed
  • Extremely low-noise even in the windy weather  thanks to the plastic lip

Flat slat F80

Maximum flexibility

It is the entry-level model, is relatively lean  and returns to its original shape quickly ,even if it is hit by a  ball.

  • Simple, flat shape 
  • Very flexible and pliable, it  turns back quickly  to its original shape.
  • The slat stack remains quite small with high windows that need to be
  • covered


Small packet - large impact

It ensures 38%* better view to the outside when opened and a better darkening and saves 20 %* on installation space when lowered.

    • Lean look
    • Ideal for high glass surfaces - one of the smallest packet heights on the market
    • 38 % better transparency when put up

    *in comparison with previous model

  • “We must learn to be more sensitive to the sun, heat and cold. Only then will we be able to counteract the climate change in an energy-saving and sustainable manner.”

    of Venetian blind

    Choose your ideal and most comfortable control for your Venetian blind
    We introduce you to your options.

    Smart Home ready

    Smart Home ready

    Small Home makes your home intelligent and your life more comfortable. The motor system can be optionally expanded so that our sun protection products can be operated  by smartphone, tablet or PC and not only when you are at home but also when on the go.

    E-Motor solutions are available both as radio operated  and without radio. For both options we work together with world-leading  manufacturers for electric motor drives. Find out at your Josko Partner, which is the best solution for your individual need.

    Electric motor

    Electric motor

    Venetian blinds with electro-motor can be operated in the following three 3 ways:

    ✓ Remote control
    ✓ Button on the wall
    ✓ Smart Home (open for all commercially available standards)

    Fig. Left: Nina io 60 channel radio transmitter with integrated automatic timer
    Fig. Right: 5-channel hand-held remote control for Venetian blinds & roller shutters

    We recommend
    in the Smart Mix

    In combination with the following solutions, you can harmoniously coordinate your home in the same style:

    Easy Screen Zip

    Because sun protection can be aesthetic

    Roller shutters

    The practical sun and privacy screen

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