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Easy Screen Zip

Because sun protection can be aesthetic

Sun shade that lets your home breath

This aesthetic vertical awning wraps around large area of your window in an airy manner, gently protects you against the sun and is wind resistant. Depending on the density of their fibres various types of mesh allow for lots of daylight to shine through to the inside - from translucent to opaque.

This also protects you against prying eyes from outside but you can still feel the connection to the outdoors. With its versatile colours it harmoniously and easily blends in your home. In the garden too, textile roller is the ideal seatmate with covered terraces and pergolas.

Details matter


We want to meet your high design standards, that’s why we have meticulously designed many details and created them even more beautifully than commercially available products.

Large-area shading in one piece

Large windows and glass surfaces of up to 6 meters wide can be easily covered with the Easy Screen Zip.

High wind-resistance

The Easy Zip Screen offers you sun and privacy protection even at 100 km/h wind speed. This is made possible by a zipper attached at the edge which holds the fabric even with significant wind exposure.

Sun shade

Up to 75% of the sun rays are blocked without loosing daylight in the interiors. The room itself remains pleasantly cool even on hot days.

anti-glare protection

You have daylight in the room without being blinded.

Privacy screen during the day

You can enjoy the views outside without the strangers prying inwards.

Privacy screen at night

At night, the view inwards depends on the type of mesh selected.

Design variety

Around 70 mesh fabrics provide customised design options and adjustment of the light requirement to every room. Many of these even match your windows tone in tone.


The Alu frames can be matched to the guide rails and the end strip of the textile roller blinds tone-on-tone in terms of colour.


Good design is also characterised by the fact that you don’t notice it. Just like the end strip which does not protrude out of the box when the Easy Zip Screen is on top.

Sophisticated design

Our guide rail is lean, the box is relatively small. This ideally suits the architecture and the thermal value of the building.


Since we ourselves develop and produce them, the vertical awning Easy Zip Screen visually and technically matches our windows and all-glass systems down to the last detail. Some details have been specially developed and are unique on the market.

We develop them ourselves

That’s why our Easy Screen Zip technically and visually matches our windows and all-glass systems.

Room for security and insect screen

When buying make share that the insect screen and the safety relevant accessories such as fall prevention and glass balustrade, can be combined with your vertical awning. This is not a problem with our system.

Easy to clean

The surface mesh is easy to clean. For more detailed information refer to the technical information at the bottom of this page.


The end strip forms the clean finish of the textile roller blind. The powder-coated aluminium can be matched to the colour of the windows and guide rails tone-on-tone. To ensure a simple a homogeneous look it does not protrude when lowered. Not too many manufacturers do this.

Versatile use

The Easy Zip Screen is mounted on the outside in front of the window. However, you can also use it to protect other locations on the building against exposure to wind and the sun such as patios or pergolas.

Allows for light and shades to dance in your home

We offer four types of mesh:

  • darkened
  • almost opaque
  • translucent
  • transparent

This way you can use darkening mesh in your bedrooms and bathrooms, which protect 100% against prying eyes and don’t let your sleep be disturbed even by the moon. In the work areas such as home office and kitchen, you want the view looking outwards, at the same time glare and privacy protection inwards during the day. 

Select from four colours:
Even the colour of the mash influences how the light and mood affect the room. Thus, with dark colours you have a better view outwards, as the dark absorbs the radiation. But then the room feels somewhat darker. In contrast, light colours have a more pleasant impact on the atmosphere in the room. They reflect light rays, impairing the view to the outside.

Not sure which mesh is the right one for you?

Not sure which mesh is the right one for you?

Textile roller blinds are consultation-intensive products. Unfortunately, the colours and transparencies on the images do not correspond to the original, as external conditions such as the weather and sunlight, orientation and above all also the times of the day significantly influence the colour effect and thereby also the transparency.

Your local partner will be happy to advise you and also has original samples in the showroom.

“We must learn to be more sensitive to the sun, heat and cold. Only then will we be able to counteract the climate change in an energy-saving and sustainable manner.”

of the vertical awning

Choose your ideal and comfortable control for your Easy Screen Zip.
We introduce you to your options.

Smart Home ready

Smart Home ready

Small Home makes your home intelligent and your life more comfortable. The motor system can be optionally expanded so that our sun protection products can be operated  by smartphone, tablet or PC and not only when you are at home but also when on the go.

E-Motor solutions are available both as radio operated  and without radio. For both options we work together with world-leading  manufacturers for electric motor drives. Find out at your Josko Partner, which is the best solution for your individual need.

Electric motor

Electric motor

Vertical awning with electro-motor can be operated in the following three 3 ways:

✓ Remote control
✓ Button on the wall
✓ Smart Home (open for all commercially available standards)

Fig. Left: Nina io 60 channel radio transmitter with integrated automatic timer
Fig. Right: 5-channel hand-held remote control for Venetian blinds & roller shutters


KG 95

Box dims.: 95 (D) x 95 (H) mm

Box design: visible
Unwinding direction: left
End strip: visible

Fig. unwinding to the left with visible boxes

Box dims.: 105 (D) x 135 (H) mm

Box design: visible;can can be plastered with and without plaster base plate
Unwinding direction: left and right
End strip: invisible

Fig. Unwinding to the left with visible boxes

Box dims.: 127 (D) x 145 (H) mm

Box design: visible;can can be plastered with and without plaster base plate
Unwinding direction: left and right
End strip: invisible

Fig.: unwinding to the right, plastered with plaster base plate

Every mesh is bound to different widths of the mesh ball in the raw material. If the available ball width of the mesh is exceeded (with large windows and surfaces) then there is a cross beam that can be up to 15 mm wide. 

Always immediately remove dirt or objects in the guide rails.

Never lubricate the housing, the blind, the motor and the rails.



Serge: Fabric made of woven and coated glass fibres, glass fibre fabric for short

  • Sun shade fabric for external applications
  • Composition: Glass fibre filaments [42 %) with PVC coating [58 %)
  • Mesh character, warm ambient thanks to woven structure with a good and sharp transparency to outside.
  • Openness coefficients: 0 %,1 %, 5 %, 10 %

Soltis & Soltis Veozip: Mesh based on a coated and pre-tensioned polyester mesh,  polyester fabric for short; stretched and PVC fixed

  • Very high dimensional stability, thanks to which it is hardly deformed even when exposed to stress
  • Openness coefficients: 0 %, 4 %, 5 %

The ratio of the opening in the mesh

  • darkening and opaque; Serge 0 %
  • almost opaque, Serge 1 %
  • translucent, Serge 5 %
  • almost transparent, Serge 10 %

To ensure a long service life we recommend that you clean the surfaces of the textile screen and the lateral guides regularly, but at least once a year.

1. Fully unfold the mesh.
2. Remove any light soiling dry with a soft, non-metallic brush.
3. Otherwise, wash off with a mixture of water and a mild, ph-neutral cleaning agents with sponge or brush. Cleaners recommended by the mesh manufacturer
can also be used. Water temperature approx. 40 C. Start with the sides  with higher soiling.
4. Finally, make sure to rinse off well with clear water.
5. Allow the mesh to dry in lowered condition.

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