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Lake Traunsee Poetry

Villa Blickfang Traunsee

A world-class natural beauty: Wilde, romantic and an eye catcher for eternity. How does it feel to wake up here? The vivid feeling of “If I’m dreaming at Traunsee”? The Villa Blickfang Traunsee has the answer. Architectural delicacy in surreally beautiful natural scenery on every square metre. Unobstructed views of the Traunstein. Free access to private beach. And every view of the outdoors is a great cinema with brilliant direction.


Photographer  I Christof Wagner

Marine, wild and romantic

The free design language of the glass elements integrates the invitingly expansive lakeside terrace in the living room - with unobstructed close-up views overlooking Lake Traunsee and Traunstein. A real-time dream from every perspective.

Glass walls

The floor-to-ceiling, expanded glass surfaces let in maximum daylight into the spacious living area. The interiors merge with the surrounding nature. A magical place to live in.

Great horticultural cinema

Architecture, materials, nature: Not even a millimetre is arbitrary in the overall artwork Villa Blickfang Traunsee and every millimetre is a reflection of the surrounding nature - a great horticultural cinema with brilliant direction.

special feature Direct lake access

Region Upper Austria

Year of construction 2022

Design Brick construction

Project type new-build

Style Modern

We believe that with this project we have been particularly successful in enabling the residents to experience the nature merging seamlessly in the interiors and forming a harmonious connection with the outdoors.
Archisphere | Architects

The minimalist, but not any less luxurious interior design in this successful architectural overall artwork breathes spaciousness and expanse without sacrificing comfort.

The maritime ambiance of the interiors, shaped by the calm blue and wood shades and intelligent zoning into cosy leisure areas, make the Villa Blickfang Traunsee into poetry for the eyes in every respect and from every perspective.

Built-in products
at a glance


ONE Alu (Window)
Inside & Outside: Alu | RAL 9005 black 

FixFrame ONE S  (All-glass system)
Inside & Outside: Alu | RAL 9005 black 


Well.Come - Nevos Alu SET
Inside: HPL | RAL 9005 black 
outside: Alu | RAL 9005 black


Prado - MET 56
Beech | RAL 9016 white, painted 


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