Seating niches

When your window invites you to take a break.

The seating niche

The seating niche

How often do you wish you had more time to go outside and enjoy nature? Besides work, children and the household, a long walk is not always possible. Wouldn't it be nice if nature came to you and you just had to take a seat?

With a seating niche directly at the window, this wish becomes a reality. Shapely windows from Josko with a panelling adapted by the carpenter as a seat create a place to relax.
Seating and lying areas as extensions to the window are becoming increasingly popular. Sometimes these are even so popular that they are a genuine alternative to the sofa for residents. Nature tuns into a television, so to speak.

You wish you had a seating niche by the window?

Noteworthy & inspirations

Noteworthy & inspirations

for comfortable seating with breathtaking views

If you are building a new building, you should definitely plan for the seating niche right away. It is best to involve your carpenter or joiner early on. You can then also integrate practical storage space under your niche. If you want to set up a seating niche in your current home without major renovations and have a suitable window area, you can place a large bench close to the window.

Both variants look particularly nice if you use a Fixed Part (non-openable window) with a narrow or invisible frame that offers you an unrestricted view of the outside. 

A seating by the window invites you to relax and take a deep breath. It is a connection to the outside world, but still creates the demarcation that we sometimes need.

Details matter

Details matter

for your individual dream home

At Josko you can choose between four systems: FixFrame is visually frameless, Platin Blue and Safir Blue have narrow frames in wood/Alu or PVC/Alu. The world novelty ONE offers slim and symmetrical frames on four sides, which can be equipped with different materials on the inside if required: Glass, aluminium, steel or different types of wood.

It is also important that the window has triple glazing and thus reduces the cold radiation in winter. This is the only way to be really comfortable. 

Sun shade & Smart Mix

Sun shade & Smart Mix

make the finishing touches

Just as important is the right sun shade in summer, so that your interior does not overheat. Venetian blinds are a particularly elegant solution. They offer you shade, but can be adjusted so that you can still look outside.

If you choose a framed window, it should match the rest of your interior design as much as possible. With the Josko Smart Mix you can easily match the surfaces and colours of windows, doors and floors.

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