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A sun phenomenon
in the Karwendel Mountains


Living in harmony with nature: Ironically, the favourite tree of the owner was located on the ideal place for the new home, an acacia, the symbol of timeless friendship. The decision: The tree would become the focal point of the new residential world. This is how the “Larch Paradise” home was created. 


Design l DI Florian Bauer

Photographer I David Schreyer

On coexistence in harmony

Thanks to clever zoning the rooms can be used for lived dreams On beautiful living. On working in close proximity to nature, healthy surroundings. On the good life on a perfect pixel of beautiful earth.


It needs so little to be so much: The floor-to-ceiling glazing with the sliding door, which creates a never-ending soothing interplay between nature and living space, inside and outside. The view would have been too precious for only a wall with window.

GLASS: Architectural elixir

It is rare for a image to reveal so clearly how the glass is the elixir of good architecture. The glass front creates not only visually functional transition to nature, it also gives the room depth and width.

special feature Acacia in the living space

Living space 388 m²

Year of construction 2022

Design Wooden structures

Project type new-build

Style Minimalism

Living in the sun phenomenon: Air, love and lines in architectural perfection.

Many will be inspired by the atrium around the acacia tree of life: It's the grace of the glass that never lets go of your glance.


Visually perfect: The minute-by-minute new choreography of light and shadows, transmitted to the façade by the rough sawn larch slats and through a floor-to-ceiling element into the interior of our house. 

And the charm of the glass permeates everything: floor-to-ceiling glazing which allows for the inside and outside to merge into each other and wisely chosen all-glass elements and windows, that create transitions and ensure protection and privacy.


Ground floor

The zoning of the entire floor creates the most varied possibilities for use.

Upper floor

Living in the sun phenomenon: Air, love and lines in architectural perfection.

Built-in products
at a glance


ONE App (Window & Patio door)
Inside:  Oak, brushed | N08 beach, hand-oiled
Outside: Alu | C0 natural anodised 

FixFrame ONE App S Sliding door  (All-glass system)
Inside: Oak, brushed | N08 beach, oiled
Outside: Alu | C0 natural anodised