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When nature sets the rhythm


With his “Avos” project, the architect Oliver Steinbauer from Lower Austria sets impressive minimalistic architectural accent in the middle of an old vineyard: With a single-family house in puristic black, whose shapes abide the rhythms of nature.


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A harmonious interplay

Not just with the large glass fronts, but also thanks to the natural material the inner spaces merge harmoniously with the outdoor nature.

In the outer area the matt black Alu window frames form an almost seamless unity with the coal black wooden façade.

To thrive optimally, grapevines require specific, regular planting spacing. This same spacings also define the proportions of the brick-steel construction of the support structures as well as the window partition, and even the building height of the house is directly based on the average height of the vine.
Oliver Steinbauer | Architect
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Oliver Steinbauer | Architect